Boaz Liesdek

International Project Management, Value Chain Management, Business Development

Boaz is an agro-food expert and part of the Young Expert Programme (YEP) of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Water Partnership and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform. His contributions to the agricultural and food sector are based on his theoretical knowledge (MSc degree from Wageningen University) and experience built during numerous international projects. Boaz has gained experience in both the public (e.g. USAID, UN) and private sector (agro, food and logistics) by focusing on complex socio-economic problems and through investigating both technical and socio-economic interventions.

Boaz has a multidisciplinary approach and is able to think both holistically and analytically. His hands on, solutions-oriented focus allows him to work with stakeholders of all levels in order to solidify impact. His track record shows that he is internationally oriented and experienced in land and water management, organisational management, multi-stakeholder and strategic management, monitoring & evaluation, value chain management and business development. Boaz is currently running the Q-Point office in Nakuru, Kenya and is active in multiple projects in East-Africa focused on food waste reduction, value addition, business incubation, value chain management and business development.