Victor Volkers DVM (Doctor veterinary medicine)

Integrated quality management systems, organizational development and coach

Victor is a specialist in integrated quality management systems, organisational development and institutional building, value chain management and food safety issues and has more than 30 years of international professional experience. Based on this, he has a good understanding of successfully executing projects in different cultures. Starting his career at the Dutch National Inspection Service for Livestock and Meat (Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Food), he was for instance responsible for the curriculum development, coordination, financial planning and execution of training programs for the Dutch Inspection Service and accreditation of education programs in the food industry. Since 1997 he has been working as a senior consultant for several international projects and commercial clients.
During the last five years, Victor was involved in several institutional development and organisational capacity building projects for the top management of Agriculture Universities and Colleges in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Rwanda. Concerning the relation between food security and water, Victor is involved in the IWRM and aquaculture project with SEKU University in Kenya and a livestock and water project with Pwani University in Kenya. As a project manager, Victor is coordinating 4 EP-Nuffic projects at this moment. Recently Victor was engaged in the implementation of GlobalG.A.P. Fish, ASC and HACCP at 3 Dutch sea fish aquaculture companies and HACCP at Anna Royal Dutch Caviar Company. The most recent food safety implementation is HACCP at a Dutch trout company and GMP and ISO 9001 in an algae company.