12 December 2018

HACCP-certification stops, what to do?

The SCV Foundation phases out the HACCP certification programme. The requirements have been incorporated into other certification programmes by many internationally recognized standards over the past few years. This no longer justifies the continuation of an independent programme. More information about the stop: site SCV.

Phasing out HACCP certification

The three-year phasing out period ends on 1 January 2021. This seems far away, but from 1 January 2020 no new HACCP certificates will be issued! The switch to another certificate beforehand is important.

Which certificate is the best option?

The nature of the new certificate depends on your activities.

  • Are you a food producer? In most cases this means that it is best to switch to FSSC 22000. Check the website of FSSC 22000.
  • Are you a trader or a distributor? Then the transition to IFS Broker or BRC S & D is the right move. Check the website of IFS and the website of BRC.
  • A producer of packaging for food will end up at FSSC 22000.


The consultants of Q-Point BV know exactly what is involved in a transition. Their hands-on  approach ensures that no unnecessary work is done. For more information about Q-Point, visit our website.

More informatie

Wondering which certificate suits your company best and which steps need to be taken? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities, no strings attached: contact form Q-Point.




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