1 July 2021

IFS Food version 7 mandatory as of today

Are you ready for IFS Food version 7?


As of today, 1 July 2021,  IFS Food version 7 will be mandatory for all IFS Food-certified companies. The new version brings several changes. These changes not only can be found in the documentation, organisational matters have to be tackled as well.


One of the biggest changes picked up by GFSI is the mandatory unannounced audit. This unannounced audit will be held once every three years. For this reason, a replacement for the HACCP manager must always be present at the company.


In addition, trade products are now mentioned as an exclusion on the certificate. It is therefore possible that your customer will ask for an IFS Broker certificate. These two systems can easily be merged into one manual.

Has everything regarding the new version already been processed or do you still need some help? Maybe you want to have internal audits carried out by an external party, to see where you stand? See which certifications we can help you with or click on this link for the contact form.

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