27 June 2019

Labour Market Needs Assessment by Egerton University

By Olivia Ansenk, trainer Q-Point

The focus for this assessment was to receive input to develop and adjust competence-based training courses that are practice oriented and related to the livestock value chain (production and processing). The courses needed to pay enough attention to business development, gender and inclusiveness.

We also aimed to investigate opportunities with the livestock sector and financial institutions to work together.

A team at CoELIB was trained and carried out the interviews in the field.

For this labour market needs assessment, 26 (of which private 62%, public organisations 19% and NGOs 19%) were consulted. Most of these firms are composed of mainly retailers, processors and producers.



Scarce expertise in the current labour market was identified in areas of breeding, sales & marketing, product quality assurance, animal nutrition, value addition and veterinary. This is somehow in line with the prospected jobs and expertise areas expressed by the organisations, they raised the future need for veterinarians, ICT/data analysts, sales & marketing positions, value addition & processing experts and quality assurance experts.



Graduates have inadequate practical skills on genetics & breeding and animal nutrition. Communication, ICT, report writing, presentation and professionalism were found to be having the most gaps. Issues of concern under leadership were business & strategic planning and financial management. For innovation it was found that problem solving skills were not well developed in many cases. Attitude weaknesses that were raised several times were flexibility and taking initiative and teamwork and working under pressure were identified as weaknesses among the new employees.


All participants and trainer Olivia Ansenk

All respondents indicated that their organisations are interested in working with CoELIB in various aspects of their activities and at different levels. Areas that come out prominently as areas of engagement with CoELIB are learning experiences, hiring and internships, site tours and participation in training.  A total of 20 of the 26 consulted organisations indicate there is a need to train their employees.

The labour market team of CoELIB was very committed! I have very much enjoyed working with them.


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