10 April 2020

Project results NICHE-RWA-185

By Dr Obedi Nyamangyoku, Project Coordinator NICHE-RWA-185

The project consisted of six outputs into three major outcomes as follows:

OUTCOME 1: UR-CAVM has enhanced organisational capacity for production of high quality and relevant graduates and research


  • Training and coaching of management on leadership

    Policy developed and implemented to guide education, research and outreach on potato value chain

  • Mechanisms for regular curricula review and accreditation developed and adopted
  • Administrative and academic staff and infrastructure capacity to deliver quality (applied) research, training and outreach programmes in potato value chain system

OUTCOME 2: UR-CAVM runs high quality and relevant training and research programmes on potato value chain

  • UR-CAVM developed, approved and implemented accredited potato training curricula and short courses
  • UR-CAVM developed, approved and implemented research programs on potato value chain

    Enhancing the capacity of UR-CAVM staff in the field of potato sector

OUTCOME 3: UR-CAVM established active partnerships with stakeholders for research, learning and quality improvement and extension services

Study tour to the Netherlands to familiarise CAVM key staff with potato research, private sector and other stakeholders

Overall, Major/ tangible outputs of the project include

  1. 4 PhDs in following domains and topics:
Potato breeding Jean Pierre Niyonzima Genetic improvement on high dry matter, iron and zinc contents in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) varieties in Rwanda
Potato disease control Chantal Mutimawurugo Evaluation of efficacy of selected plant extracts on potato bacterial wilt disease (Ralstonia solanacearum L.)
Potato fertilisation Adrien Turamyenyirojuru Effect of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertiliser application and their optimum rate for Irish potato agronomic and economic performance
Potato processing Vedaste Ndungutse Potato storage and effect of potato varieties on quality of different processed potato products in Rwanda

Graduation Vedaste Ndungutse November 2019 PhD in Food Science

  1. At least 32 short training courses and workshops
  2. A modern greenhouse with airoponic and hydroponic components (42 x 17 m)

    Greenhouse construction progress

    Hydroponic boxes under construction

    Airoponic cubicals test phase

  3. Potato seeds store with shelves (15 x 7 m)
  4. Tissue culture lab equipment (1 laminar air flow, autoclave and chlorophyll meter)
  5. Potato applied research agenda
  6. Farmers’ potato handbook

    Potato seed stock building

  7. A gender policy and implementation plan (5-year action plan 2018-2023)
  8. PBL (problem-based learning) training programme
  9. Potato market needs assessment report





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