10 April 2020

Promoting gender equality and equity UR-CAVM


By Olivia Ansenk, consultant Q-Point  

  1. Creation of the Gender Committee since July 2013
  2. Conducted situational analysis of gender in UR-CAvM/ needs assessment in partnership with Q-Point, Nuffic NICHE-RWA-100, in March 2015
  3. Development and validation of UR-CAVM Gender Policy in October 2015
  4. Inspired other UR colleges to consider gender and partnered with UR Centre for Gender Studies (CGS) and other colleges to assess gender issues in UR in March-June 2016
  • UR-CAVM Gender policy upgraded to the level of UR in July 2016
  1. Dissemination of UR Gender Policy across schools and departments; discussed and drafted implementation strategy/measures within CAVM through a series of workshops in March 2016/2017
  • Increased gender awareness among the faculty, staff and stakeholders
  • Training of 32 faculty members and administration in gender pedagogy; mainstreaming gender in teaching, research and extension
  • Developed action plan/strategy around five themes:
    • Curricula/teaching/research/extension undertakings (7)
    • Security and harassment
    • Students affairs
    • Working environment
    • Institutional set-up

      Workshop March

  1. Joint development of the Gender Mainstreaming Guideline for Teaching, Curricula, Extension and Research for College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (2017)
  2. Gender-sensitive Labour Market Needs assessment (2017), representing the labour market realities for female and male graduates of CAVM
  3. Validation of Gender measures for Implementation of UR Gender Policy within CAVM (2018). It helped in the identification and prioritisation of gender measures, proposed a strategy to incorporate gender into UR-CAVM administrative and academic undertakings and helped to create awareness among staff (2018)
  4. Technical advice to integrate gender in the Potato Academy programme and short courses (2018)


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