3 August 2022

Training of Trainers on Farming as a Business

From 11 until 15 July, Mark Bos and Patrice Mugenzi of UR-CAVM provided a 5-day Training of Trainers (ToT) on Farming as a Business in Rubavu. 24 participants took part coming from several TVET institutes, IPRCs, the private sector and district authorities.

This training was aimed at addressing the capacity gaps of the assessed individual farmers to develop their farming activities. The participants were being coached on the purpose, aim and goals of the applied methodology of this training to develop the basic inputs for a tailor made business plan by means of practicing with the business development tools and cases developed by the trainers.

A specific focus was put on discussions on tools, approaches and methodologies of delivery and how this will trigger and stimulate farmers and farm- managers to assess their current activities and developing business plans for their farms. The way how business plans can be used to improve the day to day management of the farm, improve transparency and accountability, ownership and trust of farm staff, farming communities and relevant stakeholders in the Value Chain in the leadership and management of the owner of the farm.

By training the participants through cases and providing them with the tools and training materials, the participants improved their knowledge and skills to be able to train farmers in the Western part of Rwanda. The participants among others, now have a better understanding of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship behaviour that is needed to develop a successful farming business. The participants are now also knowledgeable about how to develop the core of a business plan and how to put these planned activities into practice.

As a follow up of this training a replication will be organized where the participants will transfer their gained knowledge towards farmers and coach them to improve their farming business.

Mark gives training

Mark gives training

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