3 August 2022

Training on Advanced Cooperative Management in Agri-tourism Value chain

From 22 until 25 March 2022, Mark Bos, together with Patrice Mugenzi from The University of Rwanda College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM) provided a hybrid Training of Trainers (ToT) on Advanced Cooperative Management in the Agri-Tourism Value Chain. This Advanced ToT was provided with the aim to serve the additional needs, skills and knowledge gaps of both cooperative staff as well as trainers.

The training took place in Kigali, where 11 participants took part coming from beneficiary institutes IPRC Karongi, TVET Gisovu, TVET Kivumu and TVET Bumba together with cooperative officers of the Rutsiro, Karongi, Ngororero Districts and RCA Western Province. The training was set-up in a hybrid modality where expert trainer Mark Bos taught to the participants virtually, being supported on the ground by UR-CAVM trainer Patrice Mugenzi.

This advanced ToT was a follow up training of previous activities increasing the knowledge and skills of cooperative leaders and cooperative members in governing and managing their cooperatives. Furthermore, the SEAD West beneficiaries previously collected information from cooperatives and SMEs to identify existing capacity gaps for cooperatives in the agri-tourism value chain. This information was gathered through desk research, field visits and consulting workshops. This Advanced ToT was provided with the aim to serve the additional needs, skills and knowledge gaps of both cooperative staff as well as trainers which were identified during the roll-out phases. Furthermore, the advanced cooperative management training increases the impact of the outreach training to the SEAD West cooperatives.

Increasing knowledge and skills

During the 4-day training the ToT team its capacity was strengthened on delivering knowledge and skills to prepare hands-on business plans in a cooperative structure. Furthermore, the principles of recordkeeping were touched upon again to refresh and improve the participants understanding of these principles as well as discussing the value and importance of recordkeeping for business planning, strategic planning evaluation, and good governance. Also financial statements were covered by explaining how to do basic cost and income calculations.

To put the newly gained knowledge and skills into practice, the participants among others had to carry out assignments. As part of a group assignment the participants received templates and value chain-based cases studies. Furthermore, the participants designed a conceptual approach and methodology on identification of technical skills and knowledge gaps of cooperative board members and cooperative managers in serving needs to develop business plans.

Throughout this training, Mark Bos and Patrice Mugenzi strengthened the knowledge and skills of the participants who now have a thorough understanding of how to a assess a business case and how to stepwise develop the core of a business plan and linking this to main cooperative management topics. Furthermore, the participants improved their knowledge and skills to deliver training to cooperative board members and managers on the topic of developing a business plan and using information as a communication tool to improve the governance activities of the cooperatives.

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SEAD participants in training hall

SEAD participants in training hall

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