Chain scan

The value chain scan measures the performance in the value chain and gives directions for improvement throughout the chain. Better performances in the chain guarantees the consumers to be served better. Performance measuring in the chain of fresh products gives insight into the bottlenecks and indicates the best way in which market parties can improve their performance. On the basis of these facts, Q-Point B.V. has developed a tool to measure the performances in the value chain: Ketenscan® (Chain scan). This tool is meant to improve co-operation in the chain and offer all involved partners competitive advantage. The chain scan is unique as it can demonstrate the direct connection between the strategy of the retailer or supermarket chains and the performance of other parties in the chain.

What is the added value of a value chain scan? First of all, the scan gives insight into the chain’s processes, the relationships between the parties in the chain and the various strategies of the companies. The gained insight into the chain forms a basis for performance measurement. When the performance is measured, bottlenecks in the chain will be revealed, finding an answer to the question: why is it that something has a bad score? Having the results of the scan, companies are able to make determined and goal-oriented efforts to strengthen the chain, that will benefit the efficiency of the processes. It also will lead to cost reduction. Furthermore, the measurement results can be used to develop new chain concepts.