Many companies maintain a quality management system like ISO 9001 and are certified because their customers expect them to be. The question to you as an entrepreneur is: do you put your current system to use as a management tool? Does it produce more than all the energy you put into it? Is it more than a book in the cupboard? How do the people in the workplace think about it? What can be ameliorated? How would you be able to handle that?

Experience has shown us that much more can be extracted from your quality system. Q-Point has developed a special Q-Scan for this. Using the Q-Scan you are making use of the available knowledge within the company, to determine where weak points hide within the management system. The Q-Scan gives the management and/or quality manager a specific result. It brings clarity in processes and in the approach to improvement and gives you a steady base for your management system. This gives you certainty and lets you face the future with confidence!