Milieukeur (Dutch environmental quality label)/PlanetProof

More and more growers have to deal with customers who make Milieukeur (as of 11 May 2017 known as PlanetProof for the international market) obligatory.  Jumbo for example wants to sell only Milieukeur certified potatoes, vegetables and fruit by the end of 2019, whereas Albert Heijn demands that these products comply with the requirements of Milieukeur towards the end of 2019.

Why Milieukeur/PlanetProof?
The agro industry wants to stand out in the international market and thereby strengthen its competitiveness, retailers like to see their share in the market grow and consumers are increasingly demanding when it comes to environmentally friendly products. Milieukeur looks at the total life cycle of products and services.

Different certification schemes
Milieukeur has certification schemes for both Dutch and foreign producers for agro and food product groups such as potatoes, vegetables and fruit, eggs, pork, beer and tree nurseries.

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