Product integrity

Increasing attention is being paid to the integrity of products in the food and cosmetics sector.

What exactly is product integrity?

In short: the guarantee that the product matches with what has been communicated about it and what you can expect from it. For example, if the label says that it contains gum Arabic, it should be a part of the product. The data must be consistent and correct. The product must also comply with legislation and regulations.

What can Q-Point do for you?

Q-Point is experienced in supporting companies with product integrity and assessing the associated risks. We support, for example, the implementation of the Product Integrity Audit (PIA) developed by Albert Heijn and ISACert. The objective of the PIA is to map out objectively how the situation at a supplier is. This insight increases the awareness about fraud risks. That consciousness is important to achieve a higher product integrity level.

How to reach product integrity?

Among other things, you look at:

  • Tasks and responsibilities
  • Goals
  • Risk assessment
  • Internal controls
  • Risk profiles in the areas of raw materials, packaging and suppliers
  • Notification procedure (whistleblowing procedure)

Do you have more questions or are you going to work with product integrity?

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