20 December 2016

Sustainable potato value chain (RWA185)


Project description
In 2009, 4% of the households had poor Food Consumption Scores, 17% had borderline Food Consumption Scores. It is estimated that roughly 50% of Rwandan children suffer from chronic malnutrition. Irish Potatoes are an integral component of the diet in Rwanda, so it is important to improve production and revenues from potato, thus increasing food availability and nutrition for rural poor households.
The project’s objective is that CAVM/Busogo Campus contributes to sustainable food security systems in Rwanda through increased productivity of the potato value chain by means of providing qualified graduates and relevant research programs.

Nuffic/Niche (RWA/185)

Project partners are HAS Hogeschool, DLV Plant BV, University of Pretoria and Egerton University.

2014 – 2018

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Graduation Vedaste Ndungutse

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Photo at the top
The training is both theoretical and practical: visit of the students at potato field.

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