3 September 2015

Integrated quality management systems (IQMS) for food business operators


Project description

Victor Volkers op bezoek bij chocoladefabriek.

Victor Volkers Q-Point, visiting Le Comté Choclate factory  in Shenzhen.

As part of the WUR-project, Q-Point was involved in the development of a conceptual framework for ecological standards and integrated management systems for food processing at “ECO-Valley”. Eco Valley is a large compound in the southwest of Beijing area and is an initiative to develop a sustainable agriculture demonstration project. The initiative taken by COFCO industries aims to create, besides innovative agriculture and a landscape park, a large area for food processing companies.

Q-Point was asked to develop an integral management system for future participants. This integral management system is inspired by the international norm on Sustainability and/or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR, People Planet Profit and ISO 26000).

COFCO industries (Q-Point as partner of a WUR-consortium)

2012 – 2013

Photo at the top
COFCO Chocolate factory Le Comté in Shenzhen.

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