7 July 2017

Aquaculture and integrated water resource management – IWRM (KEN158)


Project description
In the four-year project “Capacity Building to deliver competent human resources in IWRM and aquaculture of equitable and sustainable livelihoods in Kenya’s ASAL and beyond”, SEKU University is the requesting organization.

This NICHE project aims at delivering graduates who can contribute effectively to solving the water scarcity problems in Kenya and support and promote aquaculture. To achieve this, the project will address the core functions of SEKU, involving enhancing its institutional, organizational, technical and training capacity. Curricula in IWRM and aquaculture have to be developed and/ or reviewed and implemented and aligned with labor market needs. Furthermore entrepreneurial and gender skills have to be integrated in the educational programs at all levels and knowledge sharing has to become structural.

Nuffic/Niche (KEN158)

Gent University, TU Delft, SAS and Egerton University

2012 – 2016

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Fish farm in Kenya.

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