8 September 2015

Streamlining Regulations along the horticulture value chain


Project description
Q-Point B.V. has been contracted by the World Bank/IFC to implement the project “Streamlining Regulations Along the Horticulture Value Chain”.

The Kosovo Investment Climate (KIC) project provides technical assistance to the Government of Kosovo aimed at improving the country’s investment climate for both domestic and foreign investors. The project supports the government on national and municipal level with the implementation of investment climate reforms. The Business Regulation activities of the project are aimed at reducing administrative compliance cost for businesses and thus improving competitiveness of the Kosovo economy.

In particular, the project has supported the development of a national e-register of all permits and licenses, identifying around 500 permissive documents presently required by Kosovo authorities from private businesses. Based on this, the licenses and permits will be reviewed in order to reduce costs and time for businesses to comply with administrative procedures.

This assignment will build on the findings and results of previous project activities (particularly the national e-register and the Horticulture Study), and seeks to dig deeper into the regulations present along the horticulture value chain with the aim of reducing the administrative burden on private businesses, thus contributing to cutting private costs and improving the competitiveness of the horticulture industry.

World Bank /IFC

2015 – 2016

Photo at the top
Mark Bos, consultant Q-Point, visited the Ministry in Kosovo.

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