10 April 2017

Value chain management and agribusiness for Ethiopian universities


Project description
This Nuffic project “Supporting the development of Commercial Agriculture Programmes at Ethiopian universities AGRIBIZZ” started in 2010. Initially four BSc programs in Agribusiness and Value Chain Management were launched in September 2012: at Jimma, Haramaya, Hawassa and Ambo Universities. The BSc program has been expanded and now is implemented at twelve Ethiopian Universities.

The MSc program in Agribusiness and Value Chain Management started at Jimma and Aksum Universities in March 2013.  Haramaya and Hawassa universities started the same program in September 2013, while Ambo University in January 2014. The first batch of the MSc program graduated in June 2015 at Jimma University.

More than 30 capacity building workshops were organized for the staff of the universities that implemented the project. Trainings were organized in the areas of: value chain analysis, value chain development, gender in value chain, food safety and quality in value chain, value chain logistics, value chain financing, value chain research, change management, project development for grant funding, case study development methods and modular approach curriculum development methods. Workshops were organized in the Netherlands and Ethiopia.

Nuffic/Niche (ETH019)

Aeres Groep, DLV Plant, Support Integrated Development, Hogeschool InHolland, Radboud University Nijmegen, University Gent.

2010 – 2016

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Seminar Value Chain Management
On 2 and 3 December the Seminar 2015 Value Chain Manegement took place. Here you find all the information and presentations about the seminar.

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Employees lay down pulses to dry.

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