Lisa Rotteveel

Product development, food production, value addition, food security and food quality

Based in Nairobi, Lisa is involved as a consultant in international projects in DRC Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda. She is a specialist in product & packaging development, value addition, health & nutrition education, new business development, feasibility & viability studies in the agri-food sector, with a focus on East Africa.

She started her career at TuttiFoodi, where she worked on the implementation of a sustainable drying technology for tropical fruits and vegetables (in Thika, Kenya). The goal: to add value to the entire production chain by producing clean label food products directly from the source, while reducing food waste, post-harvest loss and malnutrition.

During her stay in Ghana, she founded the start-up Hey Chaley, with the aim of creating local empowerment for young Ghanaian women by training them to become independent seamstresses, selling the clothes in-store and online.

Thanks to her experience in new business development within both start-ups and corporate companies throughout the food production chain, she knows how to translate science and innovation into practical and feasible business cases from farmer to consumer.