30 April 2019


Do you trade with the United Kingdom? Or do you intend to do that? Then prepare for the upcoming Brexit and doing business with a country outside the EU. The Dutch national government helps you with this. Brexitloket.nl is an initiative of the government and its implementing organisations. Click here for Brexitloket.


Brexit can affect everyone, even if you do not expect it in the first instance. Do you want to check what you still have to do to prepare for a no-deal Brexit? The chance of a no deal is a real risk. Go through the Brexit impact scan completely, only in this way you will also discover the unexpected effects for your company: Go to Brexitimpactscan.


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As an SME, do you trade with the United Kingdom and does it appear that your company is facing the consequences of Brexit? With the Brexit voucher you can receive a subsidy for advice on alternative markets and the consequences of Brexit for your company: Apply for a voucher.

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