OHS (Occupational Health and Safety)

Do you strive for a continuous improvement of working conditions and safety of the people within your organisation, do you want to minimise or resolve risks that relate to the activities of the organisation? Occupational health and safety management is an important tool to systematically carry out the legal requirements for employers to take care of the safety and health of their employees and to pursue a policy that is dedicated to the realisation of circumstances as good as possible.

In addition, VCA (stands for Safety, Health and Environmental Checklist Contractors) is required increasingly. It is meant to let you work safer and to reduce the amount of accidents.  Service companies that carry out work with an increased risk in a hazardous environment, are judged on their OHS management system and more and more customers demand the VCA certificate, especially when it comes to working at building sites, in factories, at installations and at workshops.

Q-Point can help you with:
OHSAS 18001 (in the future ISO 45001)
RI&E (Risk inventarisation & evaluation)