CO2 Performance Ladder

The CO2 Performance Ladder is a tool that helps companies to reduce CO2. Within the company, in projects and in the chain much profit can be achieved by energy saving, efficient use of materials and renewable energy. CO2 is both nationally and internationally high on the political agenda. The government encourages initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions. Companies that participate in tenders can benefit if they are in possession of a CO2 Performance Ladder certificate.

Starting point of the CO2 performance ladder is that companies can demonstrate proactiveness in measures to reduce CO2 by innovation and practical solutions, but that a minimum workload and minimum obstruction by rules and regulations for the certified companies is taken into account as well.

The CO2 Performance Ladder is designed to encourage companies to be aware of their own CO2 emissions – and that of its suppliers – and to search for new ways to reduce emissions from its own operations and its own projects permanently. The ladder encourages companies to effectively implement those measures and, in addition, to share the knowledge, be transparent and to further reduce emissions by actively seeking opportunities together with colleagues, research institutes, social organisations and governments.