3 July 2016

Pig and poultry value chain


Project description
In 2013, Q-Point started a four-year Nuffic project in Rwanda “Social-Economic Improvement through an Integrated Crop & Livestock System (ICLS)”.
The overall project objective is formulated as follows: To contribute to food security in Rwanda by building capacity in integrated and sustainable animal feed, pig and poultry livestock sector. Livestock production in Rwanda is underdeveloped. The livestock sector is mainly confined to unproductive pastoral cattle systems and small scale dairy production. Poultry production is limited to backyard systems. Pig production is low. With a rapidly growing population, the demand for meat protein particularly among the emerging middle classes offers an expanding market opportunity for livestock producers in Rwanda and a means of income generation and poverty reduction for rural families.

The project must fill the gap of training graduates in the practical skills required for the development of the livestock sector in Rwanda. Additional training programs will be developed for farmers in the form of short courses and extension programs at village level, targeting women.

Nuffic/Niche (Rwa/173)

Project partners are DLV Dier, HAS Hogeschool, Egerton University, WEACS Ltd (Wakala East Africa Consulting Services).

2012 – 2017

More information
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Workshop ‘Making money with livestock’ Harm Wientjes.

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