1 May 2020

Preface Newsletter 2 Capacity Building for Effective Food and Nutrition Training in Ethiopia – NICHE-ETH-179

By Carel Jaspers MSc, Director Q-Point and Project Director NICHE-ETH-179

This second newsletter gives you an update on the NICHE-ETH-179 project. In this project Q-Point is the lead partner, project partners are CINOP Global, HEDBEZ, HAS Den Bosch, Ghent University and Egerton University. Hawassa University in Ethiopia is the requesting organisation, see for more info: Link to Hawassa University.


A word on behalf of the project management team: I hope you and your loved ones are all healthy during this difficult time in which the coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly and is affecting many lives worldwide.


On 13 March 2020, the first coronavirus case was reported in Ethiopia and on 8 June the total number of cases in the country rose to 2.156, whereas there were 27 deaths. The coronavirus will have an impact on people’s health, the economy and the food security situation in the country. Healthcare facilities, clean water and hand sanitizers are now essential, creating access for all will be a challenge.

The virus has led to the widespread closure of schools and universities. School closures not only have consequences for students, teachers and families, but have far-reaching economic and social consequences. Traveling within the country is restricted and traveling between Ethiopia and the Netherlands will not be possible in the coming period, to prevent the virus from spreading.

These developments will make it necessary to look creatively at how best to proceed with the project activities and, where necessary, postpone activities. National government procedures are leading in this, resulting in the following adjustments:

  • No public meetings
  • Keep distance for the time being (minimum 1.5 meters)
  • Working on indoor activities
  • Using communication tools to connect via phone, email, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, WhatsApp etc.
  • Focus on desk studies
  • Research into digital learning strategies

We will keep you informed of the new project schedules and changes as a result of the crisis.

Let us all stay well connected, keep each other informed and look at smart ways to intervene.

I wish you all the best.

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