8 July 2020

Third newsletter NICHE-KEN-212

The third newsletter NICHE-KEN-212 is out! Read the views of two Pwani University professors, the gender champion, an intern at the university and a PhD student. They tell about the importance of the project and the progress made so far. Professor Patterson points out how the exposure visit to the Netherlands ensured that a different path was taken with regard to embryo transfer, in favour of artificial insemination and management. Loice Ojwang tells how the programme contributed to gender equality. CLICK HERE FOR THE THIRD NEWSLETTER NICHE-KEN-212


For this project, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs  and implemented by Nuffic Global Development, Q-Point partnered with TU Delft, KI Samen, DLV Advies and Egerton University. You can read more about the project HERE.


On-site testing

On-site testing

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