12 april 2018


Country: Kenya
Duration: 2 years

Job description of the junior consultant

The junior consultant will contribute to the following activities:

1. Consultant and trainer in current projects in Kenya (60% of time input)
2. Consultant and trainer in new projects (20% of time input)
  • Consultancy on quality management and food safety standards (ISO, BRC, IFS, GlobalG.A.P.)
  • Consultancy on value chain management and value chain analysis
  • Business Incubation programme development and implementation
  • Support career development young graduates
  • Curriculum development (incl. short commercial courses)
  • Labour market needs assessment
  • Linkage private sectorThe other tasks will take 20% of time input:

3. Representing Q-Point in Kenya by local presence
4. Promotion and marketing of Q-Point
5. Development of network in the agro and food sector in Kenya
6. Project development (new projects) of Embassies, donors and companies/private sector

Job requirements

  • Mother tongue Dutch
  • MSc degree in business management, value chain management, food quality management, food nutrition or other closely related fields of study
  • An entrepreneur and a good networker who has a proactive approach towards the market and appreciates a challenge
  • Good communication skills
  • Experience in project development (donors or private sector)
  • Able to link public and private sector
  • Team player who is able to create alliances between various organizations
  • Excellent English language skills, both in speaking and in writing
  • 2 – 4 years working experience in the private sector


Q-Point is an independent Dutch consultancy firm working for the Dutch and international public and private sector. Q-Point is specialised in consultancy projects for agro food businesses (from producer to retailer), donors and public institutions. Q-Point has a broad experience in food safety (GlobalG.A.P., BRC, IFS), traceability, integrated quality management (ISO), value chain management & analysis and market/business development (e.g. development, coordination and project management of international value chain projects). Currently Q-Point is involved as the leading firm in five (5) ongoing (NICHE) projects in Kenya and one (1) project in Kenya as a consortium partner.

Q-Point is looking for a junior consultant, to be based in Kenya (Nakuru County). This consultant will be linked to ongoing projects in Kenya and will build our professional network, will identify new potential clients and projects and will have a substantial and solid client portfolio in the agro and food sector in two years. This position will be linked to the YEP programme.

Contact information

Do you need more information? Please turn to Carel Jaspers, director: +31 6 22 80 29.

Please send your application (motivation letter and resume) to c.jaspers@q-point-bv.nl by 1 June 2018, citing ‘position junior consultant Q-Point’ and your name in the topic bar.

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